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Matt Dayman. Group Account Director, Notch

Since its humble beginnings in 1990 with 16 exhibitors and 250 delegates in a hall in Frankfurt, CPHI has grown into the leading international pharmaceutical industry events brand. In particular, its flagship Wordwide event (now positioned as CPHI + the host city, e.g. CPHI Barcelona in 2023), has been getting bigger and better every year. My colleague Ryan and I packed up our laptops and lanyards and headed to the home of the Liberty Bell to attend the show on behalf of Notch, from which we bring you the following insights:

This year’s event, CPHI Milan 2024, is predicted to be welcoming 62,000 visitors and over 2,400 exhibitors to the home of espresso, high fashion, and DaVinci’s “The Last Supper”. CPHI attendees no longer only get to experience the cultural highlights of Europe though, as its geographical reach has now expanded to nine countries. These include China, India, Korea, Saudi Arabia (a first for 2024), and, the subject of this blog, North America.

CPHI North America has been running since 2017, initially in collaboration with InformEx, the established fine and specialty chemical industry show, whose name has now been dropped.

A long-time native of the Pennsylvania Convention Center, Philadelphia, the show has never quite hit the heights of its older European sibling.

However, despite its lower attendance and significance in the industry calendar, the event is still a great opportunity to catch-up with familiar faces and learn about the latest in the industry.

5. Philly for the future?

CPHI North America has already announced that it will be staying in Philadelphia for 2025, with CPHI representatives on the show floor encouraging sign-up for next year. The new CPHI Saudi Arabia event in December was also promoted heavily throughout the event.

Interestingly though, the event feedback survey distributed asked attendees for their preferences for the location of the show, including options such as Las Vegas and New Orleans.

The survey also fielded attendees’ thoughts about the show dates, potentially in response to the view that May is too close to DCAT Week in March.

Could the future of CPHI North America lie away from Philadelphia? Time will tell, but for now CPHI North America remains in the City of Brotherly Love.

Whatever the future holds for CPHI North America, it’s clear that the pharma event industry is returning to its pre-pandemic best. More attendees are predicted to arrive in Philadelphia next year and the CPHI brand continues to expand into new regions and markets.

As well as CPHI, there are a huge number of other industry shows, from niche application-specific symposiums to the large global general shows, as key figures look to exchange ideas, network, and drive innovation.

At Notch, we regularly attend industry events and we look forward to meeting with our partners and industry network again soon at CPHI Milan!