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Effective lead generation provides a consistent but unique experience for your leads, which is why Notch takes a full-stack approach. Regardless of where and when your leads engage with your business, our specialist team can implement strategies to push them along the buyer’s journey.

We know it’s not easy to have all of your marketing efforts working effectively together, but once your full-stack marketing is operating as planned, you can have complete confidence that your lead generation will drive the highest ROI possible.



It’s easy to think of lead generation as fishing, but there are two distinct approaches. You can cast a wide net in the hope that you’ll find your ideal customer. Alternatively, you can take a targeted approach and bait a hook, use a fishing rod and wait for your leads to come to you. The inbound approach is the latter.

By creating engaging content that solves the problems of your buyer personas, your ideal customers will naturally find your business. A reminder that inbound lead generation’s main objective is to attract the right people, at the right time with the right messaging.

When implemented properly, this approach usually requires minimal effort when it comes to lead qualification, as it qualifies leads based on the content they engage with.

The content can be in any form it needs to be as long as it will resonate with your target audience. Therefore, your content must solve a problem for your buyer personas, and it must be in a place where they will find it.



Where the inbound approach is all about precision and producing high quality but low volume leads, the outbound approach focusses on casting your net as wide as you can to catch as many leads as possible.

In the B2B world, this approach requires heavy lead qualification steps to ensure your sales team isn’t wasting its time on low quality leads. Nurturing and lead scoring campaigns are a must.

We’re also experienced in managing brands through mergers and acquisitions. Our brand audits provide a strong foundation to help guide your long-term transition plan, ensuring brand equity is retained and your vision and legacy is reflected.

Your brand messaging needs to connect with different audiences over various channels to communicate your value proposition. In the B2B Life Science sector, specialist products, technical language and multiple stakeholders only add to this complexity.



Once you know the approach you’d like to take with your lead generation, it’s time to plan. A dedicated campaign will allow you to scope the marketing elements you need to produce to succeed.

Campaign planning goes beyond a list of dates. It’s about understanding how you’re going to nurture your contacts through the pipeline. It’s common for businesses to focus heavily on first touch campaigns and neglect the nurturing cycle. Successful lead generation needs to do both.

Talk to our team of experienced specialists about creating your perfect lead generation campaign.